I hope that everyone has been safe and well through these tough times, and for those of you  who like myself have lost a family member, friend, or loved one I send love and prayers.  It has been an extremely trying time.  I try to remember that for whatever I am struggling with, there are others who are suffering a great deal more; also that like all things this too will pass.  That keeps my selfishness in check.

So I have been told to make more posts. I am trying to keep in touch with all the people who have been following me and all my fans because I owe you that much for being there.  Recently I have not been well, so I do ‘tend to fall off on my postings when I am under the weather.  However, I am back and I am posting.

Currently I am once again working on new material and looking for collaborations.  I would love to be able to do a collab with another male artist.  So far, I have collaborated with Percy Dread (Naturalites) and also with Prince a wonderful artist from the United States who no longer performs.  (I am trying to coax him back out).

Music is my life and I love it!, it calms and just makes you feel wonderful.  I love making others feel good even if only for a few minutes.

In 2021, I plan on more performances in and around the UK and hopefully back to the States.   I look forward to getting back on stage and having a good time.  Until then, please stay safe, stay strong and stay healthy.  Love and blessings always and thank you for allowing me to be me.

For those of you who dont already follow my instagram please check it out.  @coraleena_ellis, and watch this space for the new material coming.




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