It Hurts The Pockets

It Hurts The Pockets

Its hard when you are an artist and your source of income is from royalties, and performances revenue.  This year has been particularly hard on a lot of artists.  One minute you are performing and travelling making the rounds, and bringing home the bacon and suddenly, it all stops Covid-19.  This virus has hit everyone hard and it wont be easy to get back on track.  I know many artists that their only source of income is from touring.  It cant be easy, especially for those who have spent years on the road, or for the older artists who were robbed of their royalty money from a young age and now have to keep working just to survive.  I am not sure what to say for those who are suffering, it is devastating, and all I can do is pray.  The vaccine is here in the UK finally, and hopefully it will help all those who cannot tour get back on the road to success.

I have been blessed that I got to isolate in place with my wonderful son who is a producer.  I was able to complete my album, write some new material and build myself a small home studio during lockdown.  For those who were unable to do any of these things, or are younger and still trying to get their foot in the door, please take the time to learn your craft and perfect it.  Write music, write lyrics, sing whatever it is that you do, practice so that when this is all over you can once again get out there and be even better than before.

Remember never give up on your dreams.  Love and respect.




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