Wow Almost Back To Normal

Wow Almost Back To Normal

Hi my friends

It has been a few months since I last posted.  (No thanks to covid-19.)   We are slowly coming out of lockdown and I am thankfully no longer in high risk isolation.

The good news is that I was able to complete my new album entitled ‘A New Me’ which will be available in all outlets September 2, 2020.  The first single of the album ‘Please Dont Go‘ is out and has received some great reviews.  In fact, it was recently played on BBC Radio.  @Bentley Records  is a great label and I am truly able to express myself now.

Within the next couple months, I will begin my live performances once again, but until then, I hope you will check out the new single and let me know your opinion on it.

Even though the year is half over, there is still plenty to do and I hope that you all stay safe and well so that we can meet up again once we get through this pandemic.

Until then, please stay well and safe.

Love and blessings



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