Coraleena (Carol) Ellis is a Reggae/R & B singer/songwriter who was born in the UK who has been singing since the age of 11. She would often sneak out at night while her father was at work to enter local talent competitions where she would sing songs she had written to the ‘b side’ or instrumental side of records.

At age 14, her parents emigrated to the United States where Coraleena left her music behind and concentrated on her educational studies.  In 2002, upon her return to the UK, Coraleena found herself back in music where a local promoter heard her singing and asked her to perform at The First Nottingham Asian Mela.  A few days later, her picture appeared in the center of the paper with the caption ‘Local youth’ which she found amusing as they had not gotten a chance to ask her name! Many shows followed that performance including London, Louisiana, New York and Bristol.

Coraleena is the producer of International Reggae Vol 11 which is a charity CD for the Rebecca Pike Foundation for sick children in Jamaica, W.I. Her debut reggae album “Let Me Be Free” was released in October 2009. That year, she was one of 40 artists out of 10,000 nominated for Best New Upcoming Artist in the British Music Week in London, England; she wasalso nominated for a Grammy for Best New Reggae Album for her co/production of the charity CD “Reggae International”.

Coraleena along with her music is in constant state of growth. The more she experiences, the more she understands and learns and giving her audiences the best, that specialty sound that is her own.

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